More About Our Moving Services

At Herman's Transfer, we understand the desire of our clients to know more about our company and services before they entrust us with the relocation of their belongings and valuable. This page contains additional details about our work and will answer many of your questions. We have an excellent relationship with countless individuals in Mesquite, TX and we wish to forge a productive partnership with you as well.

We Offer the Following Services

Local Moving

Intra-moving is within our purview. We can help you relocate to the adjacent house, neighboring area, or the other side of town. We will prepare your belongings, handle the heavy lifting, and ensure the quick but safe hauling of your possessions. We make relocations less stressful and laborious.

Long-Distance Moving

At Herman's Transfer, we have the technical capacity and experience to handle long-distance relocations that involve a lot of driving. Our movers will come to your location to pack and load your effects so they can be transported to your new property. Your belongings will be hauled by professionals drivers who can cover long distances with ease.

Packing and Unpacking

You can use our packing services to prepare your possessions for your relocation. We use different products such as double-walled cardboard boxes, hardtop containers, furniture blankets, packing peanuts, wardrobe cartons, wooden crates, and more. Also, we are adept at various packing techniques that will ensure the safety of your items. We can also assist you with the unpacking of your effects.



Loading and Unloading

Use our loading services in Mesquite, TX and have us lift, load, and unload your possessions from the moving truck. We are equipped with special instruments that enable us to safely handle anything from large and bulky items to delicate objects.

Book the service that you need us to provide you with by calling (214) 388-3307 now. Let us know how we can help you!

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