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Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier  

Moving definitely one of those things that can stress you out so much. If you’re facing a potential move, you certainly need to employ the most efficient practices. For the moving itself, make sure you’ve hired a reliable team of movers to load everything you wish to bring onto their moving vehicle. Still, you’d need to make sure you pack your belongings and personal effects efficiently, so in order to cut down on all the hassle you might feel, remember these tips:


For all your clothing and other non-fragile personal effects, make sure to pack them in boxes according to where they’ll be put in your house. Make sure to label the boxes, as well. That way, you won’t have to rummage through them to find some things once you move in.

Essentials and Toiletries

Make sure to pack a small bag that contains your essentials and toiletries, and make sure to bring these with on your vehicle. That way, they’re easily within your reach throughout the day or night of your drive.


If you’re bringing along electronics and other machinery, make sure to snap a photo of the back where its connections are. That way, you won’t have trouble hooking them back up by the time you move in.

Furniture and Wares

Make sure to wrap up any breakable items in protective layers of newsprint and/or bubble wrap. For extra padding, you can store them in your sock and garment drawer. You’ll have no worries leaving them with the movers, even with a bumpy ride. In order to keep your drawers and cabinets in tact, it can also help to cover them with stretch wrap or Press’N Seal.

Wherever and whenever your move might be, it’s highly imperative for you to secure your things in the most proficient manner as possible. If you’re in need of assistance with packing and moving a large number of items in Mesquite, TX, we at Herman's Transfer are the movers you should call. Contact us at (214) 388-3307 for inquiries.